Each American Leather Co. piece is made from high quality Glove leather intended to last through all your adventures. The subtle shade and texture variations that occur naturally in the leather makes each piece truly unique, showcasing the pure quality of the material.  The glove leather used is the softest, most supple leather in the world. The natural oils in your hand allow each piece to age beautifully with time, like a vintage leather jacket or a favorite pair of boots.

We recommend that you spot treat your leather items with a wet cloth, and regularly condition them with a leather protectant. You can purchase the leather protectant we recommend here.  Before first use, test the spray on a hidden area of the item to ensure no color change occurs. To treat, gently wipe the item with a clean cloth. Shake the bottle before using, then hold 6-8 inches from the item and spray in several long strokes to coat evenly.  Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. For best results, repeat regularly.

We know that through any journey, there’s bound to be a few bumpy rides. Within the first 6 months of purchase, if you have an issue with your bag’s construction or believe there are any manufacturing defects, we’ll replace it if available or offer you the value you paid in the form of a gift card to our site – no matter where you purchased your American Leather Co. bag. Simply snap a few photos of the trouble spots and email support@americanleatherco.com. Our Customer Service team will take it from there. Rest assured that when you buy an American Leather Co. product, we’ve got your back!

Examples of qualifying manufacturing defects include problems with zipper construction or hardware malfunction. Our Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, neglect, lost items or accidents. Unfortunately, we cannot cover any international purchases under this Warranty. We do not offer cleaning, re-dying, refurbishing, or repair services. For any help on this front, we recommend you take your item to a leather specialist or cobbler.

Our hope with every bag we design is that it is with you for years to come, on all your journeys and adventures!