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There's a certain charm to genuine leather bags, isn't there? Now, imagine that charm but with the added allure of a sale. At American Leather Co., our heart swells with pride as we represent an authentic slice of America, where craftsmanship, the richness of materials, and sheer practicality reign supreme. Every piece we curate is a testament to our dedication to you. Our aim? To accentuate your individual style without overshadowing it.

In the world of American Leather Co., luxury isn't a distant dream reserved for a select few. It's a tangible reality, a classic that stands the test of time. And to ensure everyone gets a taste of this timeless elegance, we roll out enticing sales all year round, featuring a diverse array of bags and quintessential accessories.

Lower Price, Same Great Quality

Unlike other brands, we don’t just offer sales on pieces that are out of style or have been discontinued. Because our bags are based around classic silhouettes, using tried-and-true materials, they’re always in fashion, and because they’re so durably constructed, they’re built to last.

Purchasing our leather handbags on sale is no different. You’ll still be getting the same great quality and signature style, with an added bonus of phenomenal savings.

Sales Stars

While each of our leather bags on sale carries its own charm, we must confess some do hold a special place in our hearts.

The Blaine Convertible Shopper and Terry Shopper aren't just bags; they're your trusty companions, whether you're navigating a bustling cityscape or enjoying a serene family weekend.

Seeking a touch of finesse? Our Dora Frame Coin Wallet stands out with its chic design. This women’s wallet is not just a delightful addition to your ensemble but also a thoughtful gift for that special fashionista in your life.

Something about fall seems to call for backpacks. Whether it’s a new crispness in the air, the sounds of children going back to school, or the changing colors of the leaves, our Melrose Large Backpack seems made for autumn. With its rich colors, decadent leather fabric, and classic design, it’s the perfect hands-free bag for fall. And yes, it's waiting for you, on sale.

More to Love

With well over 100 leather bags on sale, these pieces are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our sale page early and often, as new styles are added to it frequently. In addition to our traditional leather bags, you may find crossbody bags and wallets for women included on the sale page. Even some of our favorite styles, like a backpack or leather tote bag, can be found on sale at times.

With our already affordable prices reduced by 25% or more, there’s no time to waste. Explore our sales collection and find the perfect bag to add to your collection today!