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Leather Crossbody Bags for Women

At American Leather Co., we’re proud to create beautiful leather purses that let you be the best version of yourself. Our leather crossbody bags combine style, practicality, and our signature craftsmanship, epitomizing the timeless comfort and effortless functionality we’re known for.

We aren’t concerned with the latest fads but rather classic styles that will grow with you throughout the years. Check any pretentiousness at the door, and enter a world of beautiful, timeless bags that are both elegant and attainable. Here, comfort, durability, and timeless fashion are paramount. Crossbody bags for women should be practical, comfortable, and authentically you.

Shop a Stunning Selection of Durable Crossbody Bags

Trying to conform to someone else’s style standards is uncomfortable, unnatural, and not very fun. That’s why, at American Leather Co., we strive to offer leather crossbody bags in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes that speak to who you are.

Our Kansas Crossbody features a classic silhouette in warm, neutral colors that add an air of casual elegance to any ensemble. Its various compartments make it a practical everyday purse, while its compact size makes it a great “night out” purse, as well.

For those who want to stand out, our Cleveland Crossbody makes a definitive statement. Its vibrant colors options bring a contemporary flair to its signature center pleat design. It’s finished with antique hardware that pulls the whole look together, making it equal parts timeless and fun.

One of our most spacious leather crossbody styles is the Jordan Messenger Crossbody. This bag combines the convenience of a messenger bag with the ease of a crossbody bag, creating a perfect marriage of storage space, style, and convenience. 

Browse our full leather crossbody bag selection to find your next classic leather go-to purse.

Explore Women's Crossbody Bags and Other Options

While we love leather crossbody bags for their versatility and convenience, they aren’t the only purses we offer. Our backpack purses are excellent for travel, work, or even day-to-day errands. For something smaller and simpler, browse our unique selection of soft leather satchels to find the perfect piece to effortlessly upgrade your outfit. And to exude that luscious, casually comfortable vibe? Grab one of our roomy and relaxed crossbody hobo bags.

Your bag should be as unique as you are. Authentically American. Authentically stylish. Authentically you. That’s American Leather Co.